A Dog’s Life Diet – Ellen S Tomy

A Dog's Life Diet

“Why is my dog so overweight? I feed him so little.” “Why does my dog have cysts and tumors?” “How did my dog get arthritis? “What can I do to help my dog become and stay healthy?” Finally, there are answers and real solutions to your dog’s diet! A Dog’s Life Diet offers eye-opening information on what food is best for a dog’s ultimate health. Ellen Tomy takes the guesswork out of homemade dog food and untangles the confusion. Dog lovers will learn what goes on inside their dogs’ bodies and what causes tumors, arthritis, diabetes, allergies and many other illnesses common in dogs today. Included are over 50 healing recipes with a variety of natural, whole food ingredients – to make at home. The cookbook is essential for breeders and all dog lovers who want the best nutrition for their dogs. The prodding, coaxing and bribing, trying to get your dog to eat commercial pet food is over! Manufactured dry or canned dog food is no longer needed. Your dog can be happier and healthier than ever before.

Author: Ellen S Tomy
ISBN: 9781610051163
Pages: 132 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 17.27 Mb


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