Sleep to be Sexy, Smart and Slim : Get the Best Sleep of Your Life: Tonight and Every Night – Ellen Michaud

Sleep to be Sexy, Smart and Slim : Get the Best Sleep of Your Life: Tonight and Every Night

Why women aren’t sleeping and what they can do about it! Discover how a good night’s sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle where the average woman can feel sexy, smart and slim. At last putting the spotlight on the special circumstances of women’s sleep disorders, SLEEP TO BE SEXY, SMART, AND SLIM uncovers why women aren’t sleeping and addresses what they can do to restore the balance of sleep and a healthy lifestyle, with features and new findings such as eye-opening quizzes; more than 400 sure-fire strategies for banishing insomnia; how sleep needs vary throughout a woman’s life, from her teens to twenty-something years, midlife to menopause, and elder years; bedtime snacks and everything else you wanted to know about food and sleep; what shift workers and jetlagged globetrotters need to know; the depression connection; sleepwalking; the truth about sleeping pills; why sleep deprivation hurts your libido; and coast-to- coast resources for getting world-class help. When you are sleep deprived, the authors write, “you don’t think straight, make good decisions, remember where you parked the car, or feel like making love.” But when you do sleep, ..”.your brain runs a checklist that would put NASA to shame. Every system is being fine- tuned, reset, cleaned up, and restored to optimal operating mode by an army of molecular troubleshooters.” Now every woman can discover the whole-life secrets of getting the best possible benefits from this blissful slumber. Showcasing dozens of tips from the nation’s foremost clinicians and physicians in the field of sleep disorders, along with memorable testimonials from diverse women who share their best sleep solutions, SLEEP TO BE SEXY, SMART, AND SLIM puts the outdated myths to bed and awakens readers to a new world of joy and vitality.

Author: Ellen Michaud
ISBN: 9780762109319
Pages: 256 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.28 Mb


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